3x3 puzzle online puzzle

6.5 SzymekCSC 9 2022-02-02
3x3 puzzle sliding puzzle online

Tiny 3x3 coloured puzzle!

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      text Screenshot line material property Font Design orange Circle Sign Poster Illustration Pattern Rectangle electric blue Parked parallel Graphics Yellow Logo Brand Brick Bus Symbol Square Number Stop sign Typography Design museum

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      i think it is too easyWhy can't I move it?GreatI solved the 10 by 10 in 1h 10mAnd the 12 by 12 in 1h 23mWhy the bit am I still in 514th I got it 34s then 18sQwertyNice!It's possible to get a sub-5 seconds you just need to make a lot of moves per second and have a good starting position (and also know how to solve it fast)Come on this websiteWoo I did 3x3 in 18sTHIS IS SO COOL I DID IT IN 20S YAY!I EVEN DID IT THE CHIQITA FINAL 6:)nineeggsYooo this website is coolyes between 1 and 5 it's just imposiblenoice got 8 seconds

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