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Viewing the puzzle

It's easy to get lost among the thousands of puzzles available on our site. To make it easier for you to find the most interesting and popular puzzles, we have prepared several different views with the puzzles. Choose the one that will help you find the puzzles you are interested in the fastest.


We have divided the puzzles on our website into several categories. The number of categories will not change significantly. However, if you see the need to create a new category of puzzles, please contact us using the contact form.

Main categories

The puzzle categories can be found at the top of the screen - we invite you to explore.


After entering the category page, you will see the puzzles that are the most popular recently. Below you will find the most interesting puzzles ever added to this category, starting with the newest. Every day you can expect new puzzles, both among the most popular and new ones.


In some categories, it is easy to notice several different types of puzzles - e.g. in the category with landscapes, part of the puzzle shows mountains
and part of the sea. We help to find the most popular of them by placing them as highly recommended.


Seasonal categories

Some categories are not visible on the website all year round. These are categories related to the seasons or holidays. They appear several weeks before the event and disappear shortly afterwards. However, if you want to put together a Valentine's puzzle in the middle of a cloudy fall, then visit the category list page which has all the categories - year-round and holiday - all year round.

Cleanup in categories

It's not uncommon for someone to put a puzzle in the wrong category. Sometimes it is the result of a mistake when creating the puzzle, and sometimes the picture falls into more than one category. We try to keep order in our categories, so sometimes we move puzzles between them. Do not be angry with us :)
Links to your puzzles will work properly regardless of what category they were moved to, so this change will not break e.g. tabs in your browser. From time to time, various organizations report to us problems with copyrights to images posted on our website. In such cases, we react by removing the puzzle from the site.

Special listings

Some puzzles are timeless and remain popular for a long time. We want to help you reach them. On the homepage you will find some special puzzle lists that are constantly being put together. There you will find the most popular puzzles from the last week, month and year. Or maybe you want to go back in time with Sliding Tiles Puzzle See what puzzles were arranged a year ago. We also present puzzles, which immediately after being created, met with a lot of interest from the participants - the best debuts.

Here you will also find the latest puzzles that you can put together first and contribute to presenting them in categories. Can you help us discover diamonds among the puzzles sent by our website visitors? Become a puzzle explorer!


The dozen or so categories of puzzles certainly do not cover the beauty and complexity of the world, which is represented in the hundreds of thousands of images available at Sliding Tiles Puzzle. When creating new puzzles from a photo, we encourage you to leave us additional information about what the puzzles will contain. Based on this information, we create tags for each puzzle. Tags allow you to contribute to our website. You are not limited by the categories we came up with. You can add your own tag to your puzzles and then reach them with one click.

Puzzle visibility

Not all puzzles will be visible in popular places on our website. Before we display your picture, it must gain little popularity and be eagerly arranged. However, this does not mean that your new puzzles are unavailable. They will always be visible on latest puzzles page and on your account page.

Difficulty levels

When creating new puzzles, their author chooses a default number of pieces. This number is displayed on our website below each picture. It doesn't mean, however, that you can't choose a different difficulty level. After entering the page with the puzzle pieces you want to solve, you can choose any difficulty level before starting the puzzle. Even if the author of the puzzle has created them with four elements, there is nothing to prevent you from arranging them from,
for example, 400 elements.


Improvement mechanism

The puzzle has one brake piece. You must put all the others in their inserts. By clicking on the square around an empty space, you make it move to an empty space. The greater the number of elements, the more you will arrange the picture. Good luck!

Useful tools

Above the puzzle area you can find a stacking beam with tools.

Play allows you to start the game with the selected unit. If you want it on a different difficulty level, have to be removed.

If during the laying of the rest time, there is a Pause button to do the disposal, which rose with me, as well as counting the time spent on the bank. This is important if you are competing against other podium finishers

Click on the Preview button to see a thumbnail with the image being arranged. It will remain the page until you execute that button. You can also drag it to another place, if it is blocking the puzzle.

This number shows how many pieces are unchanged yet. Click and hold to see clearly where the unassembled items are.

All the puzzles on our site have to do with the levels designated by their author. It is no problem to choose a different level before arranging them. Use this option to choose how many items you want to have according to your skills, willingness and free time. The items in the storage depend on the number of the image and its aspect ratio therefore it will not be the same in all puzzles. For the text, in addition to the number of elements, we also display different colored puzzle icons. Before you can quickly see what difficulty level or so in one job.

When arranging a puzzle, you may need some kind of program that we have put together the element that we are creating. A beep will inform you that you have put together the piece that you created when in the picture, and that you also have the puzzle together - regardless of where you connect it.

If you are another player who learns about the best, for example, you must have spent time completing the puzzle. The countdown is drawn after the first move is made and it is not included in the counted pause period.

Interrupting and resuming stacking

All the puzzles you compose are automatically saved in case you need to stop composing and come back to them after a while. You can find your unfinished puzzles on your account profile page. Additionally - if you go to the page of the puzzle you started to solve and did not finish it, you will be able to continue or start the puzzle from scratch.

Interrupting and resuming stacking

Removing unfinished puzzle pieces

If you don't want to go back to the puzzles you started earlier, you can use the garbage can icon on their list in your profile.

When a started game does not save

In case the interrupted games are not available for completion later, you should make sure that you have not disabled this feature by configuring your browser. For this functionality to work, it is necessary to consent to the use of cookies and saving data in the browser. Also, using Incognito Mode can cause problems with saving your stacking progress.

Information bar under the puzzle

Information bar under the puzzle

Other puzzles by this author

Did you like these puzzles? Are you wondering if their author has created any other interesting puzzles? By clicking on the author's nickname under the photo you can easily see other puzzles created by this author. On this page you will also be able to start following any puzzles that this person is adding in the future to find them without any problems.

The date the puzzle was created

By clicking on a puzzle creation date you can view a list of all the puzzle pieces created on the same day.
They are arranged from the most popular ones, so you can easily see the most interesting pictures to arrange.

Sharing puzzle pieces

Help us reach more puzzle enthusiasts by sharing information about us with your friends. Among the available options you will find the most popular social networking sites, e-mail or copying a link to the current page. More users mean more interesting puzzles and interesting puzzle challenges!

The best results

Division into sizes

All our puzzles have many levels of difficulty to choose from. The difficulty level certainly affects the results achieved, so we have a separate list of results for each difficulty level. You may have the highest score on your favorite 4x4 puzzle, but at the same time someone else may be on top of the podium in the same puzzle on a different difficulty level. If you like a certain number of pieces, or if you have a limited amount of time to compose, you can specialize in certain sizes of the puzzle.

The date the puzzle was created

Shortened and complete list of results The top 10 rankers only contain the top 10 scores. A longer list of the best stackers is available by clicking on the option next to the shortened list. By achieving good results in many puzzles, you can find yourself in the periodic rankings of the best players on the site.
If you have a user account and you are doing puzzles while logged in, you can also count on getting a few badges for your achievements.

Create a puzzle

On our website you can create puzzles from your own pictures. When creating a new puzzle, you will upload a picture and give us some information about it.
You also have the option to choose a default difficulty level for your puzzle pieces. If an uploaded image already exists on the website, instead of recreating it,
we will tell you where to find the puzzle.

Create a puzzle

We try to ensure that the rights of the authors of the uploaded images are respected, so images with embedded information about copyright protection will be rejected. Sometimes we receive a copyright infringement notification after the puzzle has been created and the puzzle is removed.
All the puzzles you create can be assembled by all visitors to the site, so make sure you don't put any pictures you wish to keep private.

User accounts

Accounts and anonymous users

Our website was created many years ago. From the beginning of its existence, we did not want to force anyone to set up a user account in order to enjoy spending time having a good time while arranging puzzles on our website.
Anyone can easily enter our website, spend a few / a dozen / several dozen seconds / minutes / hours browsing and arranging the puzzle, and if they wish, sign the results. The effect of this is that many people may sign the same. While browsing the puzzles composed by the "Anna" user, you can see the results of many people on one list.

This solution is not good for the biggest fans of the puzzle. For such people it is important that their results are assigned only to them, and that in the puzzles they created, the author can be clearly identified. To make this possible, we have introduced full-fledged user accounts. They provide additional possibilities, the most important of which may be a unique username - there cannot be two accounts with the same name. Note that there may still be an anonymous user signing in the same way as the logged in user. To distinguish user accounts from anonymous persons, we use two different icons next to usernames. means a person logged in to the account, and means an anonymous person signing with such a nickname.

Favorite puzzles

On our website, it's easy to get lost among thousands of beautiful puzzles. You can't decide which ones to choose and you are afraid that you will not find the others a second time? Do not be afraid! On each list of puzzles, and on the pages where you can arrange them, you will find a heart icon to mark your favorite puzzles. The puzzles marked in this way can then be viewed from the profile page of your account. You can use this to remember puzzles that you want to solve later or that you want to come back to. Arranging the puzzle pieces does not remove them from the favorites list. You can do it yourself by clicking on the heart on your favorite puzzle again.

Added, arranged, commented puzzles

On your profile page, you can easily find all the puzzles you have created. On separate lists you will find all the puzzles you have composed and those to which you have added comments.

User following

Did you know that you can visit other users profile pages? Just click on the nickname of the puzzle creator on the page with the puzzles created by that person. You will come to a page that shows all the puzzles that this user has created, and there you will find a button that will allow you to follow all the next puzzles he adds. By following your favorite puzzle makers, you can easily find the next puzzle to be laid right on your profile page.

User following

Periodic rankings

The rankings are calculated at the end of each period (week / month / year). Points are awarded separately for each puzzle and size. The top 30 scores for each puzzle over the period are scored. The higher the position in the ranking of the individual puzzle, the greater the number of points for the periodic ranking (100 points for the best player, 80 for the second, etc.).

Only the user's best score in a given puzzle is counted for the ranking.

The ranking depends on the number of puzzle arrangements added by users in a given period

In the ranking of puzzles added, the result is influenced by the number of puzzles added by the user in a given period (the more users arrange the puzzles you added, the higher your place in the ranking).


As you spend time on our site, you will have the chance to collect various awards and honors. Achievements are available only to logged in users with a verified account, so that they are clearly assigned to a specific arranger. The list of achievements and badges that can be obtained will change over time - we want to appreciate both those who assemble and create puzzles that are willingly placed on our site.

What achievements are there and for what

What achievements are there and for what

  • Number of completions of all puzzles added by you
  • The number of puzzles you solved as first
  • The number of followers
  • The number of puzzles in which you achieved the best time
  • The number of puzzles in which you made the least number of moves


I'd like to report a puzzle problem

There is an icon with an exclamation point on the puzzle page. By using it, you may draw our attention to inappropriate content, copyright infringement or a similar issue. We try to respond to these reports as soon as possible.

My result is not ranked on the puzzle page

The highscore rankings for each puzzle size are updated every 10 minutes. If the result you achieved is one of the best, you will appear on it after that time.

The screen for creating your own puzzles is blank

We have noticed that some AdBlock programs do not work properly on some pages of our website and cause various types of problems. One of them is breaking the puzzle adding screen and not being able to use this functionality. Comments on this subject should be directed to the author of AdBlock.

Arranging doesn't work

There are many different types of web browsers in use around the world. Some of them have not been updated for over 10 years. For this reason, you sometimes report problems with solving the puzzle to us, and it is not always possible to solve the problem. Try to keep your web browser up-to-date to avoid most of these problems. However, if you still have problems with the arrangement, please contact us using the contact form describing the encountered problem and we will try to find a solution.

I would like to remove a puzzle from the page

There are many times when someone might want to remove a puzzle from our side. Sometimes private photos weren't meant to be seen as a puzzle for everyone, and sometimes you just changed your mind and you don't want your picture to be stacked. It is also possible that someone visible in the photo protested before placing his image on our website. We get it. You can easily find puzzles you've added on your account profile page.
To remove a puzzle, go to the page where you can arrange it and use the icon with an exclamation mark below the picture. Briefly explain the reason for us and we will try to respond quickly.
Due to the very large number of images uploaded, we are not able to search for your photos based on the description of what is in the image, or through a fragment of the name assigned to the puzzle. Using the icon with an exclamation mark under the image gives us exact information about the image and we can remove it.

How can I disable AdBlock only on your website?

Each adblock works a bit differently, but most of them have configuration options available after clicking on the appropriate browser extension icon next to the address bar. If you use a large number of extensions, the adblock icon may not be visible by default and you will need to expand the full list of extensions by clicking on the appropriate icon.

I can't see my previously started puzzles

You will find your started puzzles on the home page as well as on your user account page. Remembering started puzzles requires the ability to save the data in your web browser. Make sure that you have not restricted this possibility in your browser settings, or that you have not used the incognito mode. Remember that started puzzles are stored in a specific browser, so they will not be available on another computer or device, even if you log in there as well

I can not log in

Please make sure you register on our website. Saving a nickname after solving the puzzle or adding a comment is not tantamount to having an account.

I have another problem, how can I contact you?

In case of a problem with specific puzzles, it will be best if you use the icon with an exclamation mark under the picture. In other cases, use the contact form visible in the footer, preferably directly from the page where the problem occurred.