Survivor Cagayan

kowboy probst 9 2021-03-02
Survivor Cagayan sliding puzzle

out wit out play out last

cartoon text screenshot recreation font signage event circle graphic design competition event graphics logo brand graphic philippines symbol oval asia survivor: cagayan cbs south-eastern asia cagayan

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Idk if I did something wrong but I did the 5x5 and I can't seem to get the last 3 pieces in the bottom right to line up. there's just one swap that would make it work which based off internet research makes me think it can't be solved, but also this is an online puzzle and it started with being solved....How does someone do this in 1 sec?I took s long until I relised the name was in the middleI guess I like it.How am I going to explain what Ive been doing the past 2 hours...Wooogood u?how are you guys doing

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